Ideal place for work and leisure
Center for Technology and Business.
This place is for ambitious and
talented professionals
Spacious light rooms and co-working
You can work in a format co-working environment using workspaces of all types and configurations. There is effective ventilation with heating and air conditioning systems. Get professional advice and use the services of lawyers, accountants and other service providers
Possibility of holding a conferences
Participate in VOOMY IT conferences- Park and arrange their activities on our online conference room
Look for talented and motivated staff participating in the various activities of IT-park
There are specially conditioned training-classes
Participate in educational
programs and training. Work in
an environment of like-minded individuals
Set up your own master-classes
Entertainment & Sport zones
Play pool and tennis.
Use our fitness club and arts section
We also have a wonderful landscaped area
and a convenient location that is close to the metro
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You can learn first-hand news of
our VOOMY IT-park along with the opportunity to participate in
events and competitions
Contact Information:
+38 067 576 66 65